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This beauty brand from Thailand aims to help women with their everyday skin concerns. From blemishes to acne and dark spots, Elle Princess offers serums and soaps formulated to treat, clear, and refine skin. With rejuvenating and cell regenerating ingredients in every product, the brand works to help transform your skin to reveal a clearer, fairer, more flawless complexion. Discover more youthful-looking skin with Elle Princess.

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About Elle Princess

It’s difficult to find a facial soap that won’t leave your skin feeling stripped of its natural moisture and oils. It’s even harder to find one that also targets your skin issues while keeping your face hydrated and silky soft. Thankfully, Thailand-based brand Elle Princess has a variety of facial soaps on offer, all of which target different skin conditions—whether oily skin, visibly aging skin, dry skin, complexions with discoloration, textured skin, and more specific needs.

Though each variant of Elle Princess soap addresses a different everyday skin concern, all types contain the same base ingredients that nourish the skin. The glutathione and alpha arbutin content help even out the skin tone, restoring the skin’s natural glow while fading dark spots and sunspots. Vitamin C and vitamin E are also added in to protect against sun damage while also dramatically brightening and firming the skin. All of the soaps also contain aloe vera extract to soothe inflammation and redness while locking in moisture.

The Orange Facial Soap is ideal for dry and aging skin. It helps iron out and prevent wrinkles and fine lines, boost collagen production for firmer skin, and soften the skin while gently cleansing. The Green Facial Soap is perfect for oilier skin. It unclogs skin of dirt, oil, and acne-causing bacteria. The Pink Facial Soap is best for those looking to keep their complexion youthful and radiant. It rehydrates skin while smoothing it out and keeping it soft to the touch. The Purple Facial soap is recommended for the evening out skin tone and texture. It fades stubborn spots and discoloration while lightening the skin tone and smoothing texture. The Blue Facial Soap targets spotty, breakout-prone skin. It lifts away dead and dull layers of skin while calming acne and delivering intense moisture. Aside from these raved about soaps, Elle Princess also has a fast-absorbing serum that creates a flawless base for makeup by brightening the complexion. Its non-greasy, non-comedogenic formula is perfect for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Try out these affordable skin care solutions from Elle Princess. Order online via BeautyMNL and get your order shipped directly to your door within the Philippines. It’s the fastest, most convenient way to shop for skincare and makeup online.

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