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In 1910, Elizabeth Arden opened up her first spa on Fifth Avenue in New York, marked by that famous red door. This started a global phenomenon, making her eponymous label one of the first beauty brands to inspire and empower women. Aside from its philosophy of holistic beauty, the brand is known for elegant makeup, superior skincare, and well-loved fragrances for any age.

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About Elizabeth Arden

The Elizabeth Arden company was founded by a businesswoman of the same name in 1910. As an entrepreneur, a women’s advocate, and a champion for holistic beauty, Elizabeth Arden believed in empowering women to look better and feel good about themselves.

With Arden’s experience as a beauty culturist, the brand was first sold at Arden’s Red Door spa on New York’s Fifth Avenue. During that time, wearing makeup was associated with the lower classes and prostitution. But with Arden’s products, that perspective changed; she helped popularize the idea that makeup is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty.

She also used makeup as a symbol of strength. Wearing her signature red lipstick, Arden marched along Fifth Avenue with 15,000 fellow suffragettes, all to demand equal voting rights. And during the Second World War, she developed cosmetics for the women who served in the military.

As such, it was no surprise that in 1946, she became one of the first women to ever be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. After all, she built one of the world’s first global beauty brands.

Since Arden’s death, the company’s focus expanded to developing of a number of fragrance lines. Its signature fragrance is called ““Red Door,”” after their iconic Red Door Salons. Other fragrances also feature heavy references to the brand’s location and ingredients, such as ““Fifth Avenue,”” "”Green Tea,”” "”Provocative Woman,”” "”Pretty,”” and ““Red Door Aura.””

The company was also endorsed by big-name celebrities such as Vendela Kirsebom during the 1980s, Amber Valletta until the mid-1990s, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. On December 2014, Elizabeth Arden announced Karlina Caune as the new face of the brand.

And as part of its lineup of celebrity-themed scents, Elizabeth Arden also holds the license to several fragrances such as the Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Elizabeth Taylor, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift fragrance collections.

With its legacy, it’s no surprise that many women still hold the Elizabeth Arden name in high esteem. So get your own Elizabeth Arden cream or fragrance today! Order them now on BeautyMNL.

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