Easy Cures is devoted to promoting holistic living through safe and natural remedies. The local brand offers 100% pure recipes that can be used as staples in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or both. Overall, its products serve as effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals, making it better for you and your body in the long run.

About Easy Cures

After over ten years of experiencing the fast-paced life in Los Angeles and New York City, Easy Cures Founder Tina Vitas found her way back to Manila with a more holistic path to health and wellness. When Western medication no longer had the same pull in her family than it used to, she worked hand in hand with her mother to create remedies that allowed healing to take place naturally, just the way it should be. Thus, after a period of testing, Easy Cures was launched locally in May 2016.

Created as an alternative to Western medicine and products full of harsh chemicals, the brand makes use of both non-invasive and non-intrusive treatments that will naturally treat common health problems. For those who suffer issues like asthma, coughs and colds, headaches, soreness, nausea, inflammation, and rashes, Easy Cures offers a range of products that will allow you to manage your health through naturally powerful remedies for quick relief.

Easy Cures’ tagline, “Make it natural, make it easy,” is more than just the foundation behind the brand. It is also an invitation for people of all ages to welcome a lifestyle where healthy remedies are much simpler to use and easier to access than you thought. And now, you can conveniently discover and shop their items here on BeautyMNL.