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Korean beauty brand Dr. Wonder aims to be your beauty mentor and confidante, solving your pressing skin concerns so you can face each day with poise and polish. Using a systematic approach, the brand pursues scientific skin improvement solutions combined with effective yet safe ingredients to provide you with the essential items you need daily to give you complexion confidence.

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About Dr. Wonder

Headed by CEO DaeGwang Nam in Gangnam-gu, Dr. Wonder is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on easy to use products made with reliable ingredients. It was created with the idea that people could spend day to day worry-free with a simple solution to their daily life troubles. And once a dedicated process of skin science and expert consultation was put together, it paved the way for affordable beauty essentials to be born.

Currently, the brand is most known for their best-selling Anti-Spot Acne Patch. Loved by customers as one of the top acne care patches both in Korea and internationally, it comes as no surprise that this anti-blemish patch is nearly always sold out. Like the rest of Dr. Wonder’s products, these patches are incredibly convenient, easy to use, and show quick results.

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