About Dr. Oracle

Dr. Oracle is not just an ordinary skincare brand - it’s the brainchild of Oracle Clinic, Korea’s biggest skin clinic with over 70 branches spread across China, Taiwan, Macao, Vietnam, and the Philippines. As the largest networked dermatology, plastic surgery, and obesity clinic, Oracle has been internationally acclaimed for the honest and effective results it delivers for customers of all shapes and sizes.

Particularly famous among individuals with oily and acne-prone skin, Dr. Oracle’s products have been lauded for their gentle but potent solutions that perfectly match even the most sensitive skin types. Each product contains active ingredients that are thoroughly tested and have undergone clinical tests to ensure that the elements are compatible with different types of troubled skin. The brand is popular for the A-Thera line composed of a specially formulated cleanser, toner, and emulsion, all designed to treat hormonal and cystic acne using a combination of synthetic and natural ingredients to help restore the skin’s barrier and prevent it from incurring further damage caused by harsh products and poorly executed clinical procedures.

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