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No. 1 in Dermatological Cosmetics, Dr. Jart uses ingredients that have been scientifically certified for effectiveness and stability. Dedicated to his lifelong goal of satisfying patients, Dr. Jart combined his medical background with a team of 21 skilled dermatologists to develop his skincare brand. Since it started, it has quickly become one of Asia’s leading skincare brands.

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About Dr.Jart+

While Dr. Jart+ was officially launched in 2004 by Dr. Jung and Chin Wook Lee, their story first began in 2001. As Dr. SungJae Jung began to grow as an up-and-coming dermatologist after earning his M.D., he began experimenting and developing his own skin care formulas that would target severe skin issues.

Chin Wook Lee, a young entrepreneur and long-time family friend of Dr. Jung, saw the genuine care that Dr. Jung had for his patients. He admired the passion and expertise Dr. Jung poured into this project and wanted to bring his creations from the clinic to a mainstream market. After working around the clock from clinics, laboratories, and personal advisors for 3 years, a new skin care company was born.

In 2006, the company gained recognition with their first Dr. Jart+ BB Cream. The growing beauty brand then began to export internationally while continually expanding their cosmetics line. Slowly but surely, new lines that targeted acne prone skin, dryness, aging skin, pore issues, and men’s skin began to launch along with the introduction of the V7 Line.

The entire process behind this leading Korean K-beauty brand came to life with healthy skin, safe cosmetics, and genuine care for people in mind. Now, you too can experience the cutting-edge genius by Dr. Jart+ right here in the Philippines on BeautyMNL! Shop now and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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