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Since 1998, Dowell has delivered well-designed, premium, and practical household appliances to Filipino homes. Coined from the phrase “to do well,” Dowell appliances add care to your household, as they make everyday chores convenient and easy to do. Ranging from small domestic appliances to larger refrigerators, induction cookers, and washing machines, the appliance brand takes reliability and efficiency into your home. You can count on Dowell to do it well.
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Induction Cooker with Free Stainless Steel Pot (IC-35)
Oven Toaster (DOT-615)
Electric Kettle (EK-517)
Blender (BL-11)
Non-stick Rice Cooker 1.18L (RCS-05)
Non-stick Rice Cooker 2.36L (RC-100S)
Induction Cooker (IC-D2)
Indoor Grill (IG-188)
Personal blender (PBL-19)
Food Steamer 1.2L (FS-17S3)
Food Steamer 7.5L (FS-19S3)
Induction Cooker with FREE Stainless Steel Pot (IC-18V)
Electric Kettle (EK-117)
Induction Cooker (IC-51TC)
Blender (BL-9881)
Non-stick Rice Cooker 0.7L (RC-30)
Induction Cooker with Free Stainless Steel Pot (IC-37)
Electric Kettle (EK-188S)
Electric Kettle (EK-155)
Electric kettle - Multi mini cooker (EKC - 12S)
Rice Cooker 5.6L (RC-560AL)
Non-stick Rice Cooker 2.36L (RCS-10)
Non-stick Rice Cooker 0.7L (RCS-03)
Electric Kettle (EK-173)
Electric Kettle (EK-105S)