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Since 1947, Japanese beauty company Koji Honpo has pioneered the development of false lashes, offering an extensive range of products for both beginners and pros. A collaborative effort with “gyaru” icon Tsubasa Masukawa gave birth to Dolly Wink—a gorgeous selection of lashes and lash accessories for every girl, look and occasion. Dolly Wink’s line has since extended to liners, pencils, and brow enhancers and shapers for customers to achieve a complete eye-catching look. Now, eyes that captivate are yours for the batting with one of Dolly Wink’s many phenomenal beauty offerings.

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Dolly Wink was born from the collaboration between Japanese beauty company Koji Honpo and gyaru icon Tsubasa Masukawa. This makes for an exciting mix: an established Japanese beauty brand and one of the country’s hottest enduring trendsetters. Together, they have created one of Japan’s most phenomenal line of cosmetics. But how did they get here?

Koji Honpo’s history dates back to 1947. In its long and rich history, the company has gone through a lot of development. And their products were originally inspired by the extensive eye makeup worn by geishas. With a passionate desire to take eyelashes to the next step, Koji developed its first range of falsies—called tsuke-matsuge in Japanese. But over the years, these original designs would continue to change and match the latest trends.

Hence, the creation of Dolly Wink, which was inspired by the gyaru craze that first hit the country during the 90s. It borrows heavily from the style’s love for the dramatic, glamorous, and cutesy. This isn’t just reflected in the products’ adorable packaging, however. You will also encounter names for falsies that go like “Sweet Girly,” “Baby Cute,” and “Dolly Sweet.” These pretty lashes and a dizzying amount of other variants are a must-have for those who covet big, beautiful, and captivating doll eyes.

Today, Dolly Wink has also extended its selection to include eyeliners, pencils, and brow enhancers. Their Eyebrow Mascara, in particular, is a perfect companion makeup for the line’s assortment of falsies. All of these help customers achieve their best completely eye-catching gaze.

Over the past 60 years, Koji Honpo has gone from being the Japanese pioneer of false eyelashes to being a celebrated all-around eye makeup brand. Dolly Wink is their most captivating line, helping every woman attain the gyaru pinnacle of “adult cute.” If you want to try them for yourself, their hit products are now available online through BeautyMNL. Order now!