Dr. Alison Levitt M.D., a.k.a. “The Dr. in the Kitchen,” developed the tasty Flackers recipe because she has always believed that “Good Food is Wise Medicine,” and that what you put in your body will affect how you feel, your energy level, and your sense of well being. After years of preaching about the powerhouse benefits of flaxseed in a balanced diet, she decided to make a batch of crackers to hand out in her office. Her patients soon became obsessed with the nutrient-rich, crunchy treats—and so did their friends and family. As demand grew for her delicious flaxseed cracker recipe, Alison decided to officially launch Flackers in 2008. Flackers have always been USDA Organic, vegan, paleo, Non-GMO Verified and gluten-free. They’re made from simple, wholesome ingredients (that you won’t need to Google to understand). Flaxseeds are low-carb, packed with fiber to help maintain normal cholesterol levels and promote optimal digestion, and are naturally high in alpha linolenic acid, a heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid. They now have 6 different recipes, 3 of which are on BeautyMNL. Shop it now!

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About Doctor in the Kitchen

In 2008, Dr. Allison Levitt M.D., aka “The Doctor In The Kitchen”, launched Flackers after years of preaching about the health benefits of flaxseed in a balanced diet. Her delicious crackers began as a favorite among colleagues and patients, and soon after, the demand for her tasty recipe led to the birth of her own brand. Now, Flackers continues to spark interest among health newbies and enthusiasts alike for its star ingredient, the flaxseed.

For many centuries, flaxseed has been used for food, medicine, and even clothing. Whether consumed in its natural, powdered, or oil form, flaxseed has been well-known for its ability to cure ailments, prevent diseases, and supply your body with tons of vitamins and minerals. Flaxseed has been proven to relieve constipation, maintain normal cholesterol levels, promote optimal digestion, and aid in heart health. More importantly, it contains fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, protein, and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, and B vitamins - all of which are necessary to supply your body with the nutrients that it needs.

Say goodbye to unhealthy and artificially flavored junk food and say hello to your new best friend when it comes to snacking. Three out of the six variants are available here at BeautyMNL, so make sure that you get them before they run out!

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