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Deofresh is known for providing natural body refreshers—from deodorants to foot treatments. A natural alternative to chemical-based products, it uses only natural actives to maintain effective freshness against perspiration, bacteria, and odor.

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5 Natural Deodorants for Sensitive Pits

5 Natural Deodorants for Sensitive Pits

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About Deofresh

Harsh, synthetic ingredients often make their way into our personal care products. Deofresh bucks the trend by providing an array of odor-fighting natural body refreshers that only use naturally-derived ingredients. If you’re concerned about odor and about the products you put on your body, Deofresh is the brand for you.

Some of the natural Deofresh products on BeautyMNL include their Natural Mineral Tawas Spray, Foot Spray, Natural Mineral Tawas Roll, Aloe Mineral Tawas Stick, Natural Mineral Tawas Stick, and Aloe Mineral Tawas Stick 100g. Try Deofresh to banish foul and funky odors from your life.

BeautyMNL carries Deofresh products as well as other odor-fighting products from hundreds of other local and international brands. No need to sweat it out in traffic or in crowds at the mall to get your Deofresh sprays – use BeautyMNL to have them delivered to your door.

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