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The Dearest Brand is a small Thai company that specializes in making skin care products that contains no harmful chemicals. The combination of skin-clearing ingredients with plumping and tightening concentrates make it a popular choice in the anti-acne market. Dearest Gentle purifies skin to address the source of breakouts—clogged pores. Tough on germs yet mild on skin, Dearest Gentle is your first step to clear, smooth and glowing skin. Products are guaranteed to have no Paraben, SLS, or Alcohol in them. Its most popular product, Gentle Acne Soap, promises to kill bacteria that cause acne.

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Thailand’s own Dearest is a skincare brand that believes people deserve gentle but deep-cleansing products. After all, their most famous product so far—their Gentle Acne Soap—is the perfect anti-acne solution. But this company didn’t just stumble on its success.

Though still a relatively small company, Dearest shouldn’t be overlooked. By guaranteeing its loyal customers smooth, clear, and acne-free skin, this growing company is now taking on the region’s other beauty giants.

All this is thanks to a dedicated team of researchers and chemists who use only organic and naturally-sourced ingredients. This has helped them specialize in creating formulas that are free of harmful chemicals such as alcohols, parabens, and colorants. This is also what makes the brand perfect for people with oily skin or for those who have had acne troubles in the past.

One such product is their bestselling Gentle Acne Soap, which acts as both an anti-acne soap and as a pore-minimizing agent. It is also both mild enough for sensitive skin, while penetrating deep enough for effective cleansing. Its additional ingredients include rosehip oil, grape seed oil, ginseng, golden silk cocoon, Vitamin E, LHA, and Hyaluronic acid.

All of the product’s natural minerals and essences helps the soap clear your pores of pimple-causing dirt, dissolve pesky blackheads, and remove dead skin cells. More intensive use may also help in reducing wrinkles and softening the appearance of scars. All in all, the Dearest Gentle Acne Soap is a soap that can prevent skin troubles as effectively as it can reduce it.

You don’t need a large company to make a big splash. As a beauty brand, Dearest helps prove that Asian cosmetics isn’t the realm of just Japan or Korea. Though they are currently reliant on their one hero product, we should all expect more from this upstart brand’s future. Order their products online now via BeautyMNL