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The Daniel Wellington brand emerged from the strong friendship between founder Filip Tysander and Daniel Wellington. Wellington’s relaxed, unpretentious style, and penchant for wearing his watches on old weathered NATO straps inspired Tysander. The result? Classic timepieces suitable for every occasion – from black tie events to casual games of tennis and trips to the beach club – with a watch face specially designed and developed to go with numerous interchangeable slim NATO and leather straps. Shop for Daniel Wellington at BMNL.

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Nothing tells time better than a wristwatch. As such, there are a lot of brands that offer signature designs at various price points. But if you are looking for something timeless, simple and yet elegant, then Daniel Wellington watches are just the ones you need.

The brand was founded by Flip Tysander, who met a British gentleman exuding an impeccable style while on a trip in Australia. The Britishman’s look was unpretentious; he had a fondness for wearing vintage watches on old, weathered NATO straps. That gentleman’s name was Daniel Wellington.

Fascinated by the man’s style and his watch, Flip became inspired to create a watch that was refined, yet minimalist and classic in design. It was from there that the Daniel Wellington brand was created. The brand officially launched in 2009, with their first product being a 40mm rose-gold watch, with one of four trademark NATO straps.

Since then, the brand embodied this idea: that simple does not always mean boring. Daniel Wellington watches may not have all the bells and whistles most well-known brands have. However, what makes it special is that each strap is interchangeable, meaning its appearance can be changed to match any occasion. Hence, you will not have trouble matching your watch to your outfit.

At BeautyMNL, we carry a handful of pieces that cater to your lifestyle. These include the Classic York (0111DW), St. Mawes (0106DW), Classic Oxford (0101DW), Classic Bristol (0109DW), and Classic Sheffield (0107DW) watches. All of these timepieces feature a thin, elegant, and clean design. Most of them are now fashioned with a leather strap, but the Classic Oxford uses the NATO strap.

With these watches, telling time never looked so good and elegant. Because of their simple appearance, you will exude a sophisticated aura with every stride. Experience the beauty in minimalism and the benefit of versatility with Daniel Wellington watches. Order your very own piece by adding one to your BeautyMNL cart today.