A company that is dedicated to the art of hair science, DAC London is now proud to introduce an Argan Series that’ll make hair healthier and luxuriously softer. Committed to creating hair products that give you salon-beautiful hair in the comforts of your own home, DAC London knows just the right hair care solutions to guarantee gorgeous and nourished locks.

₱750.00 ₱600.00

Every girl knows how difficult it is to get that salon-perfect hair. Even if you treat your locks with high-end shampoos and conditioners, sometimes it does not come out right. Those who give up on their hair care tend to seek solace in salons, while others just drop everything and forget about the health of their hair altogether.

However, we at BeautyMNL think that you should not throw the towel in just yet. We might just have the perfect solution for all your haircare woes—the Trichology: Argan Hair Elixir from DAC London.

The name of this product is truly fitting because it is able to give your hair life. The alcohol-free Argan hair elixir encourages locks to grow healthy, nourishing your hair. It leaves your locks shiny and smooth, especially with continuous use. And while it is made from 100% pure Argan oil, this does not mean that it feels greasy to the touch. Even if you place a few drops on your palm, it does not feel oily at all.

In fact, it reduces drying time from 40% to 50%, a great deal for girls who have long and hard-to-dry hair.

Of course, a product that works this well can only be made by a company dedicated to the art of hair science. That’s DAC London for you. This brand ensures that before they release a product out to the market, they make sure that it performs above and beyond their expectations.

As you can see, you do not have to pay a fortune to get healthy and luxurious hair. For a small price, you can bring home DAC London’s Trichology: Argan Hair Elixir. This will let you experience salon-beautiful hair at your own home. So if you want to give your locks the professional haircare treatment without worrying about the cost, add this item to your BeautyMNL cart today.