Eyewear has come a long way. Beyond helping us see more crystal-clear and protecting our delicate eyes from harmful UV rays, glasses have become an indispensable part of our fashion arsenal. Cubik offers top-notch lenses at unbeatable prices, with a slew of designs to satisfy even the most demanding style maven. A world leader in free-form grinding, the newest technology in lens production, UK-based Cubik gives you thinner, larger and optically clearer lens than ordinary buys in the market. This trail-blazer specializes in a wide variety of lenses to fit even the most difficult prescription. See the world through better lenses. And look great while you’re at it.

For customized lenses, just shoot an email to sales@cubik-ph.com along with your prescription. The terrific craftsmen at Cubik will then furnish an online quote and offer a full array of lenses in plastic, polycarbonate, tinted, in multiple grades.

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