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Most crystal shops can be confusing because there are so many types of crystals to choose from. Crystals by HIMA offers easy-to-understand packages for everyone, so that you can ditch the crystal encyclopedias and get started on your crystal journey.

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An up-and-coming brand, Poppy Crystals offers a line of gemstone and gemstone-related products perfect for beginners in the crystal healing journey. While no replacement for actual checkups and medicine, crystals are rising in popularity for their ability to heal energies, and Poppy Crystals offers them in premium packages so you can easily start incorporating this into your lifestyle.

Encased in a smooth and cool glass bottle balanced with a stainless steel base and case, the crystal pillars in the Crystal Bottles stand fastened in the center to imbue your water with its specific properties. For a boost of self-love, confidence, and deepened relationships, get the Rose Quartz. For tranquility, equanimity, and stability of emotions, get the Amethyst. For positive energy and power, get the Quartz. These Crystal Bottles utilize only the safest, highest-grade components to make it completely safe for water, so you can bring these positive energies wherever you go.

For essential oil collectors, Poppy Crystals also offers a set of Gemstone Essential Oil Rollers. These include rose quartz, carnelian, amethyst, tiger eye, hematite, and clear crystal quartz to utilize their vibrational powers when you mix in your favorite oil concoctions inside.

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