Once, an Australian man found himself in need a bag strong enough to carry a slab of beer, so he could bike home slinging it on his back. This led to the birth of Crumpler, a company that continues to make practical, long-lasting carryalls that serve a singular function “bloody well.” Today, the brand resonates with adventurers, photographers, riders, designers, makers, thinkers, and doers.

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Durability and versatility are important factors when hunting for the perfect bag. Bags, after all, must be able to carry all your necessities without tearing apart under the pressure of all your stuff. While there are a lot of bags that do fail this test, the bags at Crumpler are different from the rest.

Crumpler is an Australian brand known for its practical and durable designs. The concept of the brand started with a man from Melbourne, Stuart Crumpler, who was facing a dilemma. He needed a bag that would let him cycle home with a slab of beer on his back. At that time, there weren’t any bags that can do the job, so he created a phenomenal solution: the first Crumpler bag.

The first Crumpler bag prototype was made from odd materials. Items such as truck tarpaulin canvases, fluoro pink wetsuit threads, seat belts, and deep-sea diving buckles were sewn together from the sewing machine of Stuart’s grandmother. With practicality in mind, he combined these materials creatively and the first Crumpler messenger bag was born.

Not soon after, Stuart showed his bag to a local parachute maker, who taught him stronger ways to stitch his bag. And while Stuart was working as a bicycle messenger, Will Miller and Dave Roper—owners of the local couriers Minuteman—saw the Crumpler prototype and absolutely loved it. This encounter prompted the owners to order twenty bags for their riders.

Though Crumpler’s original target were riders who needed strong bags for their travels, the brand has created other types of carry-ons that could fit any occasion. For example, the Mini Milonas can serve as your travel buddy, especially if you are just hanging out in the mall.

The Early Opener bag, on the other hand, is designed to keep your cards, cash, and coins organized. Meanwhile, the Preserved Lemon pouch (which comes in medium and large) is the perfect place where you can hide your small knickknacks. And last but not the least is the Relish tote, which can hold all your light groceries and the like.

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