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COSRX is a world-renowned brand from Korea that uses safe and natural ingredients to create gentle, effective solutions your skin will love. A play on “cosmetics” and “Rx” (prescription), it gives you relevant and straightforward answers to addressing your skin imperfections, no matter your skin type. Their science-based approach offers tried-and-tested solutions to help you achieve better skin, no matter where you are in your skincare journey. Its results-orientedness and affordable price point make it a no-brainer when it comes to giving yourself the best that you deserve. With COSRX, you can trust that you’re in for better skin tomorrow.

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Time for a skin check-up! How is your skin feeling at the moment?

Dull and Textured
A groundbreaking combination of AHA, BHA, and Vitamin C, the Refresh ABC Daily Toner exfoliates your skin to reveal a smooth and bright complexion in a gentle way. Shop the rest of these exfoliating products for smoother and more radiant skin.
Dry and Flaky
The Hydrium Collection infuses the skin with maximum hyrdration, regenerating dry and flaky skin to make it dewy, supple, and glowing. Shop now and give your skin long-lasting nourishment.
Normal and Stressed
The Full Fit Propolis Collection is a light, but power-packed line that brings life to dull and tired skin. Shop now for a brighter and plumper complexion.
Infused with moisturizing and calming ingredients, the Pure Fit Cica Collection is just what you need to heal, protect, and soothe irritated skin. Shop now for stronger skin, without the greasy or heavy feeling.
The AC Collection is the upgraded start-to-stop set of products that fight and prevent acne, while also treating scars. Shop now for clearer skin and prevention from future breakouts.
The Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream strengthens and restores balance to your skin, minus the oiliness. Shop the rest of this hypoallergenic collection that's gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin types.
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Bestsellers from COSRX

Hydrogel Very Simple Pack COSRX
₱1,299.00 ₱910.00
Sold Out Waitlist
Clear Fit Master Patch COSRX
₱200.00 ₱160.00
Ultimate Spot Cream COSRX
Good Morning Gel Cleanser COSRX
₱600.00 ₱540.00
Aloe Soothing Sun Cream COSRX
₱690.00 ₱552.00
Calming Liquid Intensive COSRX
₱1,299.00 ₱1,039.00

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COSRX, a Korean skincare brand that started in 2013, has now become a worldwide phenomenon for its focus on effective and skin-friendly ingredients. A play on “cosmetics” and “RX” (prescription), this K-Beauty brand uses skincare science to treat skin imperfections, no matter the type or condition.

They operate under the motto, “Expecting Tomorrow,” which promises customers that they use safe yet effective and high-quality ingredients in alleviating their skin problems, providing all with a better tomorrow. They also focus on clean beauty and cruelty-free skincare that’s hypoallergenic-tested in Korea.

Some of their most famous products include the Favorites Bestsellers Set, perfect for both beginners and on-the-go skincare experts. It contains the Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, a deep facial cleanser and gentle skin exfoliator for intensive skin cleansing; AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, an exfoliating toner with natural AHA and BHA content that clears away dead skin cells; Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, a ultra-hydrating, snail mucin-infused essence that keeps skin hydrated all day and restores vitality; and the Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap, a moisturizing lotion that maintains hydration levels with minerals and nutrients. Another holy grail product is their One Step Moisture Up Pad, which fixes hydration levels with hyaluronic acid and propolis extract, provides all-day moisturization, refines the skin’s texture and tone with natural BHAs, and removes irritants and dead cells from pores, making it perfect for dry an sensitive skin.

With its goal of easing your skin problems, COSRX brings you straightforward, effective, and easy-to-use skincare so that you can expect better skin tomorrow. Shop COSRX on BeautyMNL and get free shipping on orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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