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Cosmos MNL

Created in the dark heart of the earth, crystals are a miracle of color and light, thus, they have been treasured by people of all cultures. Crystals are superb energy transmitters—their crystalline structure amplifies your healing intentions and restores and rebalances your body’s energy by removing blockages, drawing off excess energy, and shoring up weaknesses. You’ll find that working with crystals is a gentle and natural way to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Crystal healing is not a substitute for traditional medical care, but it can help in many practical ways. Cosmos MNL aims to provide quality, fashionable, and affordable crystals that cater to various customer needs and wants. All crystals are cleansed and charged from negative energies prior to shipment with Reiki, a form of alternate medicine called energy healing in order to encourage emotional, spiritual and physical healing. All of Cosmos MNL crystals are carefully checked, and are made from genuine gemstone and crystals strung on high-quality elastic strings.
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