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Cordillera Wild goes beyond just natural and organic. It’s wild, just like how crops are cultivated in the Cordillera hinterlands. Cordillera Wild means our coffee bean varieties are heritage or non-GMO. Their crops are cultivated not using standard farming methods but naturally, without the use of chemical herbicides, pestiides and fertilizers. That means Cordillera Wild products are literally made from wild coffee beans. They are produced with almost no human intervention. No additives, no chemical processes, no preservatives, no extenders…none of those things that make us palpitate and develop hyperacidity. No, caffeine does not cause these body reactions; our bodies react to the synthetic chemicals applied to the soil and to the crop. The brand limits their ingredients to either one or two items. Cordillera Wild gives customers the quality and health that the rest of its competitors cannot provide.

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About Cordillera Wild

Coffee is life, and Cordillera Wild fans will totally agree - especially if the coffee beans are 100% organic, natural, and native, and super good for you! Cordillera Wild Coffee Beans are grown in the lush highlands of Kalinga, where the mountains are so fertile that their coffee beans are grown chemical-free, preservative-free, GMO-free, and pesticide-free, making it beneficial to the drinker, the environment, and to our local farming communities.

The award-winning heritage Arabica variant is perfect for coffee connoisseurs looking for an aromatic, fruity, mellow and sweet taste to their cuppa with no bitter nor acidic aftertaste. Their Organic Arabica Blend is a mix of 50% arabica and 50% robusta, giving off a very smooth, balanced taste, while the Organic Heritage Cordillera Blend is 100% robusta, making it a super strong, intense coffee choice with cacao notes for coffee lovers who want an extra dose of caffeine and flavor.

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