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Health and beauty brand Complex White offers safe and effective skin whitening from within. Their popular oral supplements are formulated with Glutathione (GSH), N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA), and Zinc Aspartate for daily detoxification. Packed with amino acids that replenish the intracellular levels of the body’s Glutathione, Complex White works to reveal your skin’s natural beauty.

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About Complex White

It’s an understatement to say glutathione supplements are popular in the Philippines. They are tens and thousands of varieties to choose from, readily available in stores and e-commerce websites. The only problem is, not all are made equal. But of there’s one brand you can rely on, it’s Complex White. In our local market, it offers some of the best and most effective benefits of the glutathione.

Its flagship product, the Complex White Glutathione Capsules, come in easy-to-swallow capsules that can be ingested every single day. Each capsule contains glutathione or l-glutathione, which not only beautifies the skin, it also benefits the body in many ways. It helps get rid of toxins, build up our defense against environmental stressors, and perform other bodily functions. These factors only help our bodies function at an optimal level, they also make obtaining beautiful, glowing skin a possibility.

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