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Almost 50 years ago, most women believed that beautiful skin was solely a result of good genes. But in 1967, a Vogue cover story by Beauty Editor Carol Phillips put this idea to the test.

The article posed a provocative question: Can Great Skin Be Created? The interviewee, esteemed New York dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich, answered with an emphatic "Yes." At the time, the predominant attitude toward skin concerns was to “cover” rather than “care.” This groundbreaking article actually helped transform the beauty industry, telling people that great skin could be created with the right products.

At the same time, the Lauder family was looking to provide Prestige Skincare to women with sensitive skin. Convinced that Carol Phillips’ and Dr. Orentreich’s concept would strike a chord, Mr. Leonard Lauder enlisted both of them to develop a revolutionary line of products based on Dr. Orentreich's dermatological formulas.

One year later, in September 1968, Clinique premiered as the world’s first Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free, dermatologist-developed brand at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. Clinique introduced women to the groundbreaking 3-Step Skin Care System and the benefits of Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free Skincare and Makeup. Clinique attained instant stature as a modern classic and well-trusted friend.