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Chikuhodo first began by creating paintbrushes for doll manufacturers in Japan. Since then, the Kumano-based brand has grown in skill and craftsmanship to become a globally acclaimed makeup brush manufacturer that produces premium cosmetic tools. Each carefully crafted brush with soft hair and lacquered handles is handmade by artisans and goes through numerous steps until a luxurious, exceptional tool is produced.

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Eyeshadow Brush [Z-5] CHIKUHODO
₱4,400.00 ₱3,520.00
Chikuhodo Lip Brush [Z-7] CHIKUHODO
₱2,900.00 ₱2,320.00
Contour Brush [Z-3] CHIKUHODO
₱4,150.00 ₱3,320.00
Sold Out Waitlist
Highlight Brush [Z-2] CHIKUHODO
₱7,600.00 ₱6,080.00
Sold Out Waitlist
Powder Brush [Z-9] CHIKUHODO
₱17,250.00 ₱13,800.00
Sold Out Waitlist
Eyeshadow Brush [Z-10] CHIKUHODO
₱3,500.00 ₱2,800.00
Sold Out Waitlist
Cheek/Highlight Brush [Z-4] CHIKUHODO
₱7,000.00 ₱5,600.00
Sold Out Waitlist

About Chikuhodo

The concept for Chikuhodo was born out of Kazuo Takemori’s art of crafting traditional fine-point paintbrushes in 1952. At the time, these carefully carved tools were used to detail the fine lines on traditional Japanese dolls. Eventually, after the dawn of commercially distributed makeup brushes from 1955 to 1965, the brand’s first makeup brush workshop was put up in 1971 by the new CEO, Tesshu Takemori.

Sourcing quality raw materials from countries like China, Russia, Canada, and the European continent, Chikuhodo became the world’s leading makeup brush manufacturer. Its quality Kumano brushes are celebrated for their meticulously handmade nature, crafted from the softest animal hair by over 100 artisans. Its bestselling Z-series is lauded for high-end handles and brushes that could last you a lifetime. Aside from distributing its own brushes, the brand also supplies bigger clients with custom orders for Shiseido, Kanebo, Kose, and many more cosmetic companies.

Though it is based in Hiroshima, makeup lovers in the United States of America, Canada, and the EU have been able to experience the dedication in the crafting of this Japanese brand for years. Now, you too can experience flawless application with Chikuhodo brushes available on BeautyMNL. Shop now and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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