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Casa de Lorenzo is a Filipino brand committed to delivering handmade, high quality castile soaps, aromatics, and skincare oils to women everywhere. Their bestselling natural liquid soaps are crafted with Spanish olive oil, virgin coconut oil, rice bran oil, and palm oil for natural cleansing at its best. Casa De Lorenzo aromatics are essential oils made purely from plants and flowers used in aromatherapy. The natural oils are best for massage, bathing, and cleansing.

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About Casa de Lorenzo

Using products with natural properties can do wonders for your skin. Not only will your daily regimen be fun and soothing, but you are giving your skin the proper care it needs. But with the sudden popularity of organically made items booming, choosing the right product can get tricky.

Luckily, BeautyMNL can help you pick out the perfect organic beauty product to suit your skin and your lifestyle. So if you are looking for something aromatic, organic, and is made with a formula influenced by time, then we recommend Casa De Lorenzo.

With their brand name being Spanish for “House of the Lorenzos,” the organic soaps, oils & aromatics that this brand produces is inspired by their family’s Spanish heritage. Hence, what was once a luxury exclusive to the Lorenzo clan has now become a name known for natural, traditional, and innovative organic products. Their products will take you away from today’s fast pace of living and send you to a tranquil time that brings you closer to nature. To fully appreciate their line of products, you can best use them for massages, bathing & cleansing sessions.

All of their items are handmade and are created with simple but powerful ingredients. Their products are made from recipes that have grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and virgin coconut oil, plus other various plants and flowers. With each product infused with natural elements from start to finish, you know that you are only getting the best. So go ahead and take your time pampering yourself because Casa De Lorenzo will do the rest.

BeautyMNL also offers all sorts of Casa De Lorenzo soaps at your disposal. Each scent can create a different magical experience. You can choose from eleven different aromas, which include: dark cacao, lavender, peppermint, dark coffee, and calamansi. There are even unscented soaps for people who are sensitive to different smells.

Begin experiencing the wonders of going organic. Purchase your own set of Casa De Lorenzo soaps today!

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