Captain Pomade guarantees a quality hair styling product that allows you to “style what you want.” This water-based pomade is reasonably priced and customized to fit your hairstyle, whether you are going for slick, grunge, or brushed-up. Experience the transformative power of “The King of Pomade.” Style best with Captain Pomade.

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About Captain Pomade

If you seek the classic haircut styling and sculpting solution, pomades still can’t be matched by today’s gels and waxes. Captain Pomade is a shining testament to that as this water-based hairstyling aid helps men achieve a wide variety of styles just using it and a trusty brush. Whether you want something slick or you’re after a more brushed-up look, Captain Pomade is up to the challenge.

Many people have the impression that pomades have only been around for a few decades, but that notion is completely inaccurate. Pomades were actually first used during the ancient Roman times when European tribesmen used bear fat to make their hair bunch up and stand on end. In the 1900s, beeswax and petroleum jelly became the staple base ingredients of the product. These days, thankfully, water and other milder pharmaceuticals are the main ingredients of this grooming supply.

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