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Capilano Pure Autralian Honey is proudly Australian-owned since 1953. Sourced from over 600 beekeeping families from across the country, they offer a true, safe hive-to-home experience, with the added benefits of quality assurance testing and checking to ensure your honey’s authenticity and quality.

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About Capilano

Capilano isn’t just any ol’ honey producer—it’s Australia’s biggest, brightest, and most favored. Since 1953, the brand has been proudly delivering 100% pure Australian honey, growing from humble beginnings to a network of over 600 Aussie beekeeping families.

This partnership allows Capilano to deliver only safe and high-quality honey to all of their customers, ensuring that each of them experience the magic of true hive-to-home honey. Every pot or bottle of the brand’s honey has undergone rigorous quality checks, before arriving at your door fresh from the beehive.

All of this assures that Capilano’s products are as good as honey can get. Their Classic Honey is simple but rich in flavor, derived from bees that feed only on Australian eucalyptus plants and ground flora in pristine environments. Their Manuka Honey is a full-flavored source of vitality: tasty as a sweetener, but even more wondrous as a powerful health-booster.

At BeautyMNL, we’re always on the lookout for products that aim to keep us in good health. With that, we’re happy to have Capilano Honey in our catalogue! Browse through their selection of Australian honey, and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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