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Japanese cosmetic brand Canmake is loved by Asian women of all ages, thanks to its ultra-feminine packaging and cute designs. Quality ingredients and a wide range of colors have made it a sought-after by both teenage girls and trendy executives, not to mention professional makeup artists. Created by IDA Laboratories Tokyo in 1985, Canmake’s fresh and vibrant colors appeal to the fashion-conscious set to this day!


Created by IDA Laboratories Tokyo in 1985, Japanese brand Canmake combines style and substance. This is by selling makeup made from quality ingredients and coming in ultra-feminine packaging. The brand aims to give women of all ages their own special shade of makeup, so they stand out from the crowd. Beloved by teenage girls, executives and professional make-up artists, Canmake’s bright and fresh colors are perfect for the fashion-conscious.

Canmake has plenty of options to help you achieve the look you want, whenever you want. From their color makeup line, accessories, and fragrances, their products are sure to unleash your beauty for the world to see. Some of the most useful products offered by Canmake line is their “Pocket Rescue” line, composed of travel-sized concealers and highlighters to save the day from dark spots and acne.

One of the best things about their color makeup line is the variety of color you can use to get your ideal look. Their unique products include the Lip and Cheek Gel, which promises to create a naturally flushed finish. Aside from blush, it can also be used as a lip tint. It gives you matte lips that won’t dry out, and it’s ideal for girls who don’t want to carry too many products in their bag.

Canmake also has a line called Make Me Happy, full of fragrant products sure to give your day a little boost of happiness. This line features a rich hand cream that generously moistens dry hands and it comes in a cute little pot, perfect for travelling. It has ingredients such as collagen, jojoba oil, shea butter, squalene, and petroleum jelly for soft, supple hands.

Make Me Happy also has a fragrant body mist in four delicious fragrances. That way, you can feel refreshed any time of the day.

So if you want to create your signature look even when you’re on the go, then Canmake is the brand for you. Get their products now on BeautyMNL!