Welcome to the oldest apothecary in America. Founded by Dr. Galen Hunter, this cult-fave brand has been providing prescriptions, healing remedies, unique and unusual beauty products and hard-to-find apothecary items since 1838. Each product – from the beautiful to the unusual – tells its own intriguing story. Formulas that work, have stood the test of time, and those that are just plain fabulous. Formulas loved by Rock n’ Roll legends, Hollywood stars and starlets, and society’s crème de la crème – Liv Tyler, Calvin Klein, and Elvis Costello, just to name a few. Today, as always, C.O. Bigelow transcends our expectations of a pharmacy, churning out new products we simply cannot live without.


C.O. Bigelow is an American pharmacy founded in 1838 by Dr. Galen Hunter. The company specializes in hand-made prescription goods, healing remedies, and eventually unique or rare beauty products. Among their most notable products include colognes, bath salts, body washes, shaving creams, aftershaves, lotions, and body sprays.

Before it was bought and renamed by Clarence Otis Bigelow in 1880, it was originally called The Village Apothecary Shop and was located in New York’s Greenwich Village. Bigelow then worked with Dr. Hunter for a time before he assumed control of the business. Since 1939, three generations of owners have owned and operated the shop, passing everything they know from father to son, and even to grandson.

Eventually, Limited Brands has brokered an agreement to open and operate stores bearing the C.O. Bigelow name. These in turn, are operated as upscale beauty and skin care stores to compete with other high-end products in the market today.

For more than a century hence, C.O. Bigelow has providing customers with customized services and specialty products that are made with all-natural ingredients. Due to its longevity and popularity, C.O. Bigelow was honored with a Village Award from the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation in 2002.

The company prides itself in using time-tested formulas combined with hand-crafted expertise in making their products. Ingredients from around the world are carefully sourced, tested, and blended into the most effective products using the heirloom recipes passed on to the company’s employees. These natural remedies are then subjected to the highest testing standards before being brought out to the modern market.

These classic health and body care formulas are loved by rock legends, Hollywood celebrities, and even society’s elites. These include Liv Tyler, Calvin Klein, and Elvis Costello. Today, C.O. Bigelow transcends the normal expectations of a pharmacy. It continues to roll out new products that are needed to maintain ones’ natural beauty. And these products are now available on BeautyMNL—buy them here today!