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Based in Connecticut, Built NY designs functional and fashionable totes, bags and kits where you can safely keep all your essentials. The brand is known for using neoprene, a key material in most of its products that are used to make surfing and diving wetsuits, making them physically tough, water-resistant, flexible and incredibly durable — lasting up to as much as 50 years.

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About Built NY

One way to start the day right is when you find the right bag to match your outfit. That feeling you get when you see your purse, hand or shoulder bag complement your look is something to look forward to.

But it is not always easy to mix-and-match your apparel. Sometimes your current bag collection simply won’t do. So if you are looking for something new to carry, why not check out what BeautyMNL has lined up for you with Built NY’s creations?

Built NY was founded in the year 2003 by John Roscoe Swartz, Aaron Lown, and Carter Weiss. These three friends shared a common passion for creating innovative designs, well-crafted goods, and food & wine. Their first product was a Two-Bottle Wine Tote, which became the brand’s definitive mark.

Afterwards, they continued to generate fresh and new ideas, combining function and fashion with all of their items. That’s why Built NY offers an interesting take on the ordinary bag. From elegant paper gift bags to quirky sandwich and snack sleeves, you will forever walk, eat, and sleep in style. And BeautyMNL offers you a range of basic Built NY bags that come in different designs, colors, and patterns.

Need to find a new home for all your make-up instruments? Why not place them in the Bryant Park Vanity Kit (which comes in a polka-dot or floral design.) If you like keeping your phones, combs and other small items close, pick one from our three kinds of pouches (each coming in a set of 2). And for the girl on the go, we have all sorts of tote bags for you to choose from. We have totes for your grocery shopping trip, to hold your lunch, and so much more!

So go ahead and order your very own Built NY bag today. Start experimenting with your day-to-day style! Grab one now from BeautyMNL.

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