Nourish and care for your little one’s skin and hair with Buds Organics Philippines—the only truly certified organic baby and mommy brand in the Philippines. It has the world’s largest line of ECOCERT-certified organic baby care products that cater to both normal and sensitive skin. Free from harmful chemicals, Buds products are not only safe for your babies but are earth-friendly as well. Be confident in providing your newborn and toddlers effective, safe, and organic care with 4 lines—Cherished Organics, Everyday Organics (for normal skin), Soothing Organics (for sensitive skin), and Oralcare Organics.

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About Buds Baby Organics

Your baby’s skin needs just as much nourishing and care as your own. Buds Organics Philippines is the only certified organic infant and maternal care brand in the Philippines. It has a line of products that are suited for both normal and sensitive skin. Unlike many other brands, all Buds Baby Organics products are truly organic, which helps you and your child from developing adverse reactions to your toothpastes, moisturizers, and cleansers.

Check out their Mozzie Clear Lotion, Mozzie Clear Spray, Everyday Baby Cream, Toothpaste w/ Xylitol (1-3yrs), Oral Gel w/ Xylitol (0-1yr), Toothpaste w/ Fluoride (3-12yrs), Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser, and Infant Head to Toe Cleanser. Since they’re all certified organic, you can rest assured you will have far fewer problems with skin sensitivity issues compared to most store-bought brands.

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