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Don’t you hate when you purchase coffee only to realize that it doesn’t taste right when you make it at home? Brillo knows how important it is to drink good Philippine Arabica. Their love for coffee is translated into their products that they themselves take numerous times per day. This is why they pick out the perfect bean, profile roast it just the right way, and grind it to their standards. Currently, and just recently, they switched their source of Philippine Arabica beans to the Catimor variety, which is from the M&S Farms, in Daguma Range, Sultan Kudarat. They make sure that they get their Arabica from one farm so that post harvest processing is high! Brillo roasts every two weeks to ensure you get a fresh batch every so often!

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About Brillo Coffee

Did you know that the Philippines is a world coffee superpower? The incredible diversity of our quality coffees becomes more apparent when you step outside the capital and explore places such as Daguma Range, Sultan Kudarat, where Brillo now sources its Arabica beans. Not only does Brillo go the extra mile to source some of the best beans for you, they follow a strict roasting and delivery schedule, ensuring you get as fresh a roast as possible.

Start your day with Brillo’s Single Serve (8g), Italian, Arabica, and Treviso. Is there a better way to get up in the morning? We don’t think so.

BeautyMNL makes it easy to find all your favorite gourmet food and beverages and have them shipped to wherever you are in the Philippines. Keep yourself bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with great coffee from Brillo and other brilliant coffee brands delivered directly to your front door.

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