The teeth whitening company Brilliant Smile was founded in Sweden in 2003, and is today one of the largest names in the Swedish teeth whitening market. The company has built up a good reputation by offering quality products that efficiently remove discoloration, and provide white teeth without damaging the tooth enamel. The focus has been to offer sophisticated premium products, with superior quality and maximum safety. As a complement to teeth bleaching, the company also developed a line of whitening oral care, which has become increasingly popular. Other whitening toothpastes have always been known to be ineffective and to contain high abrasion - which damages the enamel. We therefore developed a collection of toothpastes and mouthrinse, containing active ingredients that dissolve surface stains and thus make teeth whiter without any harmful abrasives.

About Brilliant Smile

In 2003, teeth whitening in Sweden was viewed as something only celebrities could access. Recognizing the opportunity to tap a wider market, Brilliant Smile made its entry into the dental care industry. Its main goal was to provide premium whitening products that were safe and extremely effective.

Soon after, the luxury of teeth whitening became an in-demand staple. With features on national TV shows like Extreme Makeover Sweden, Top Model Sweden, and Big Brother Sweden, their market share was boosted even further. Thereby opening up a new niche of the market—at-home whitening oral care for everyone. As the new market leader in Sweden, Brilliant Smile did not have a difficult time marketing this new line of supplementary products. Namely, its Whitening EVO Toothpaste and Whitening EVO Mouthrinse were lauded for their ability to fade superficial stains and discoloration.

Eventually, with its wider range of products on offer, the Gothenburg-based brand expanded its reach to the Nordic region, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Now, you can give their at-home whitening line a try when you buy it on BeautyMNL. Shop now and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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