Based in Lalaland, Boostcase purveys tech and lifestyle products for the modern maven. This electronic accessories brand offers fashion-forward, powerful, on-demand charging solutions for busy people on the go. Discover their protective cases with built-in chargers at BeautyMNL!

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With smartphones becoming more important to us in our daily lives, keeping them powered at all times is a must. While there are pouches that can carry your chargers and powerbanks, there will always be instances where you might not have one at hand. The solution is to have something that can power your phone, but won’t look like an ugly attachment at the same time.

This is why Bootcase aims to provide on-demand charging solutions that continuously adapt to human needs. Established in Los Angeles back in the year 2012, the brand offers stylish accessories for your gadgets. Boostcase’s philosophy revolves around combining stylish design with practical function in all of its products.

Unlike power banks that can be too bulky to carry around, Boostcase products are made to complement your devices. Some add a layer of protection to your phone, while others can have the added benefit of providing extra power. From external chargers to carrying cases, they are more compact, easier to hold and come in a variety of colors. Their sleek minimalist style is made to blend with the style of your handbags and pouches.

The brand primarily offers iPhone charging cases. These include a 2700mAh battery case, which can fully recharge your smartphone. Most Boostcases are durable hand-crafted protectors that securely hold your gadget in place, while their internal charging ports can double your phone’s battery life. If you’re looking for extra power to last for more than a day, Boostcase products are there for your needs.

All Boostcase hardware products carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects from the original purchase date. But rest assured: this brand maintains a high standard of quality in all its works. So if you want to start finding the right accessory to keep your iPhone powered throughout your busy day, just purchase a Boostcase from BeautyMNL today!