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BohkToh provides natural-looking false eyelashes to enhance any beauty look. Whether you’re going glam, prefer a bare-faced beauty look, or want to complement bold, dramatic makeup, BohkToh has a set of falsies for you. Plus, you can easily customize your lashes, or go from artistic to extravagant, with more than 50 different styles that delivers visible volume and length—all while still looking like real lashes. Experience superior quality with BohkToh.

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About Bohktoh Lashes

Bohktoh specializes in creating natural-looking false eyelashes that can enhance any look. This makes them vital tools that can add some drama and confidence to your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a bare and effortless look, a glamorous visage, or something even bolder and more striking. Bohktoh has a set of falsies that will be just right for you.

In Thai, the term “bohktoh” roughly translates to “hands-on.” This is a fitting brand name for a company that appeals to women who are pro-active with cosmetics and dedicated to getting the look they want. But a brand name can only get you so far. The key to the brand’s reputation is a diverse assortment of high-quality products.

Bohktoh false eyelashes contain only the highest quality fibers. They also gain plus points for having nearly 50 different styles. Each variation provides a choice of different colors, volumes, and lengths—all while delivering a very natural look. In addition, Bohktoh false eyelashes also possess anti-bacterial qualities and a feather-light build for less irritation and increased comfort. All of these make Bohktoh an amazing addition to any makeup kit.

Additionally, they also offer other products to complement their line of falsies. This includes their own Bohktoh Eyelash Adhesive Glue—a high-performance and waterproof solution for effectively attaching their false eyelashes. It’s easy to apply and creates a strong yet invisible hold that ensures your falsies stay put.

Bohktoh Lashes believes entirely in the eyes being windows to one’s soul. Therefore, the company has devoted its efforts to creating the best-looking and most easy-to-use false lashes possible. So whether you’re going for a “dolled-up” or a “no makeup makeup” look, Bohktoh lashes are sure to deliver.

This famous Thai eyelash brand is now available online via BeautyMNL. Browse their amazing products through our website and order now from the comforts of your home.

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