“Blithe prides themselves in providing honey that is ethically sourced. Their products are high-quality, handled in a safe and secure manner, and most importantly, made in full accordance with U.S. law. Blithe wants each and every consumer to know where their honey comes from, as well as help beekeepers support their bees in the process.”

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About Blithe

Blithe, a synonym for “happy” or “joyous,” is also the name of a featured premium brand on BeautyMNL. Blithe’s joyous advocacy is providing honey that is ethically and safely sourced, of top quality, and produced in full accordance with US law.

Fresh out of the bottle from BeautyMNL are Blithe’s Pure Raw Unfiltered Buckwheat Honey and Pure Raw Unfiltered Wildflower Honey. Both are certified 100% Pure US Grade-A Honey, and are born from sustainable, cruelty-free beekeeping practices. Use these as healthy sweeteners, or as ingredients in your favorite recipes.

Shop for Blithe products only at BeautyMNL. Our assortment of beauty, health, and wellness products rival that of any local mall, without the traffic or the long lines!

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