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Specially formulated to thicken your hair, Black Beauty’s rich hair-thickening formula repairs, revitalizes, and nourishes dry and damaged hair caused by the effects of styling and the environment – giving your hair strength, bounce, and shine!


Black Beauty is another great hair care brand with local roots. While they were just established in 2013, they already made a name for themselves because off their really effective products. Their multi-purpose shampoos and conditioners work by swelling the hair shaft, helping you achieve richer and more luxurious locks. This tried and tested formula can give your hair a fuller, healthier, thicker appearance—all at a very reasonable price.

But Black Beauty products are capable of providing more solutions for different hair problems. Their Silk Conditioner can hydrate and restore damaged hair, nourishing while reducing further breakage. Meanwhile, their Gold Shampoo gently cleans your hair and scalp, encouraging stronger hair growth. If you need protection from further damage, their Cuticle Coat Protect serum can guard your hair against sun damage and various salon treatments.

Another one of their key products is their Crystal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, which does more than banish unsightly flakes. It also comes with a fortifying formula that cools and refreshes irritated scalp, reducing the chances of more flaking.

Despite their affordable prices, all Black Beauty products can guarantee the best results. The brand offers a variety of hair solutions for many types of people. From older people with thinning hair to young teenagers who wish to maintain their curls, Black Beauty can cater to them all.

No matter what product you use, Black Beauty utilizes only the finest ingredients. For an even richer bathing experience, all formulas are infused with a variety of natural fragrances. All Black Beauty shampoos and conditioners are also safe to use and have no side effects. This is all due to the company’s focus on providing only the best and most reliable products for their customers.

Black Beauty is a must-have brand for people who want beautiful and strong hair. Their multi-purpose products can now be your secret weapon for better-looking tresses. Give your mane an extra bounce with Black Beauty shampoos and conditioners. Order their products now through BeautyMNL!