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Bkr is a brand that offers glass water bottles known for its signature small mouths and silicone sleeves inspired by everything from fashion and photography to contemporary culture and fine art. The antidote to cheap, disposable plastic bottles, each bkr is the perfect way to get your eight glasses a day—and the key to hydrating skin from the inside for a glowing look. Their beautiful bottles have garnered them a following that included celebrities, beauty editors, insiders, and the fashion industry. bkr is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corp. in the Philippines.

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About Bkr

With everyone having the same water old bottles water bottles these days, the risk of mix-ups and losing yours is very real. Bkr’s stylish bottles will definitely not be mistaken for someone else’s. Not only will you prevent filling up our landfills and oceans with plastic from disposable bottles, you’ll be helping prevent dehydration by being able to much more easily get your recommended eight glasses a day.

Order your Bkr products such as their Big Water Bottle (1L), Ice Tray, Big Spiked Water Bottle (1L), Spiked Metallic Water Bottle (500ml), Spiked Water Bottle (500ml), and Teeny Water Bottle (250ml). Get the bottles that celebrities, beauty editors, and fashion industry types use.

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