When it comes to personal hygiene products, be as close to nature as you can get with Biopha Organics. With its product collection certified ORGANIC by not just one, but two international regulatory organizations, Ecocert and CosmeBio, you’re assured that every ingredient in every bottle comes from 100% natural origin. They’re committed to your health and to the planet, so you know that every product that touches your skin is free from GMOs, petrochemicals and chlorine derivatives, parabens and artificial scents and coloring. Striking the perfect balance between science and nature, Biopha has invaded popular beauty stores and supermarkets all over Europe since it was launched in 1972. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy the luxurious feel and scent of Biopha Organics.

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Are you on the lookout for some natural hygiene products? You don’t have to look that hard. Be as close to nature as you can get with France’s Biopha Organics. This premier European brand offers amazing and effective skin care solutions, while using only the freshest and most organic ingredients.

Products from Biopha Organics combine smooth-as-butter softness with the sweet and fresh flavors of organic ingredients. Thanks to the company’s tireless research, much progress has been made to develop natural formulas that are just as effective as their synthetic counterparts. The result is a vast array of products that take care of your body while relaxing your mind.

One of these vaunted offerings is their Soap-Free Shampoo. This mild shampoo offers a much-needed break from rough chemicals and over-styling, with choices for different hair types. It relies on a natural formula that’s rich in organic nutrients and oils to clean hair without weighing it down.

Most importantly, you can be sure that all products are 100% natural. The company stays compliant with ecological and cosmetics standards set by France’s ECOCERT. Meanwhile, certification from CosmeBio makes sure that all ingredients are organically sourced using green and sustainable technologies. Approval from two of the most stringent certifying bodies in the world ensures that Biopha Organic’s products aren’t just effective. It also guarantees that they are safe to use and free from harmful chemicals.

From its humble beginnings in 1972, this organic skin care brand has come a long way. Now one of France’s leading bath and beauty brands, Biopha is looking to go beyond the European mainland. As part of its global expansion, their products are now sold in over 15 countries worldwide. This includes China, Hong Kong, Australia, and now, the Philippines.

With Biopha Organic, everyone can now enjoy an organic lifestyle everyday. Shop for their products online at BeautyMNL.