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Bees Brilliance is a skincare range inspired by honeybees and the natural beauty of New Zealand. Founded in 2014, Bees Brilliance Skincare is the result of many years of working with bees and the amazing raw ingredients they produce, with a vision to create a range of products that perform as effectively as bees do in their hives. Bees Brilliance harnesses these unique ingredients from the beehive with the best flora New Zealand’s untouched lands create to form the core of our skincare creations.

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About Bees Brilliance

Harnessing the power of bees and the magic their all-natural products carry, Bees Brilliance, a beauty company originating from New Zealand, made a beeline towards the all-natural, honey-based skincare line they’ve been known for since 2014.

Their GMO-free, paraben-free, and synthetic fragrance-free range of luxurious products are made of three main organic, raw bee-given gifts: Manuka Honey, which is an active ingredient known for its rich consistency, skin-healing powers, and moisturizing magic, Bee Pollen Oil, a skin superfood, and Beeswax, effective for enriching skin with soothing and calming properties.

Their best-selling pure pick is the Bees Brilliance Original Manuka Honey Mask, a literal pot of liquid gold of Manuka Honey, an amazing moisturizing elixir for your face. The thick honey mask does the moisturizing, softening, and smoothening job for you all-naturally, perfect if you suffer from severely dry, flaky, rough and patchy skin. It also comes in a travel-friendly mini size!

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