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Bebebalm is a natural skin-healing salve for sensitive skin. It's super nourishing, helping soothe and protect extremely dry or damaged sensitive skin. Made from organic virgin coconut oil and plant-based lauric acid, it can also be used on eczema, diaper rash, and more. In fact, Bebebalm was born from a mom's desperation when nothing was working on her baby's eczema. So both she and her husband, a doctor and biochemist, created a gentle yet effective solution for their baby. They started out by giving it away to friends of friends of friends, who keep asking for more, until it became too costly and they started selling it. Say BYE DRY with Bebebalm! No approved therapeutic claims.
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Bebebugs Stick (4.5g)
Bebebugs (20g)
Bebebalm Stick (4.5g)
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Bebebalm Jar (20g)