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How do you know that a brand is really good? When it’s trusted and used by professionals in the industry… which is exactly what Beauty Box is all about. A supplier to the country’s top salons and the beauty industry’s professionals, Beauty Box offers high-quality make-up tools. The best part? It allows anyone to feel like a pro — at a charming price.

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About Beauty Box

Founded locally in 2011, Beauty Box is a Manila-based manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care items. The company has a knack for releasing products that tend to rival mainstream and international brands, earning it a fast-growing following among Filipinas from all walks of life.

Aside from cosmetics, Beauty Box also sells makeup and grooming accessories. Offerings such as the Four-Bulb Vanity Mirror and the 6-Bulb Foldable Mirror help women doll up with ease and effectiveness, allowing them to achieve their desired looks each and every time. Needless to say, these mirrors go great with Beauty Box’s makeup and personal care items.

BeautyMNL provides the best online shopping experience for women who’d rather not endure the stresses of going to shopping centers just to get their beauty-related supplies. Our online store lets you find and choose thousands of products and place orders conveniently. Shipments typically arrive rather quickly so you can start working on a better-looking, greater-feeling you.

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