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Beach Born products are made with 100 percent all-natural food grade ingredients, which make it safe to use for everyone—even pregnant and lactating women. Fuss-free and effortless, Beach Born is perfect for the girl on the go.

About Beach Born

Love those beachy waves but don’t have the time to book a trip to Boracay? For effortlessly beautiful beach waves that last all day, it’s Beach Born with their Sea Salt Spray to the rescue. Now you too can get those loose, springy waves without any heat or effort!

If you’ve always wanted to get those hot beach waves but haven’t been having much luck, try spraying a generous amount of the Sea Salt Spray onto your dry hair, then tying it up into a top bun or large, loose braids and letting it set overnight. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome the next morning.

Have a cute guy you want to impress, or are you looking for a way to get that special someone to notice you? Try using our Sea Salt Spray to create the perfect bed head look: spray a generous amount on your dry hair, then twist and scrunch in large sections.

You can also say goodbye to curls that go limp before the day ends when you use our Sea Salt Spray. As long as you spray some on before and after curling, your hair will remain bouncy and beautiful all day long. It also works wonderfully for surfer dudes who need to keep their hair looking fresh all day long.

For best results in keeping your sexy beach waves and gorgeous, springy curls fresh all day long, make sure to spray generously, from roots to tips. When not in use, store Sea Salt Spray at room temperature away from sunlight. One bottle is good for up to a year, so make sure to use yours daily.

The best part about Beach Born is that it’s made with 100% all-natural food-grade ingredients, meaning that even pregnant and lactating women can use this product without any worries.