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Synonymous to world class teas and sophisticated designs, Basilur is a renowned brand of superior quality tea and herbal infusions produced in the ethereal island of Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon.

Basilur has elevated the superiority of Ceylon Tea by adding an outstanding uniqueness to its identity. Our tea experts constantly strive towards keeping the freshness and high quality of the tea leaves, whilst creating the most magical blends to make your tea drinking experience a truly memorable one.

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About Basilur

For over a decade, Basilur has crafted and created world-class, luxurious teas and herbal infusions. Their products have lauded a number of accolades and awards, and have earned a stellar reputation across the globe.

Their tea leaves are thoughtfully handpicked from fragrant, beautifully landscaped tea gardens in Sri Lanka. Basilur is widely celebrated for their Ceylon tea, which is known for its outstanding quality, dark, rich, flavor, and numerous health benefits—which include stress relief, improved digestion, and protection against chronic illness.

They offer a variety of fruity, floral tea blends, such as their Strawberry & Kiwi Magic and Mango & Pineapple Magic teas, which are teeming with flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants, and easily uplift the spirit. For more classic flavors, their Cream Fantasy Bouquet and Sencha Bouquet teas boast a sophisticated, old-world taste and texture.

Finally, their uniquely designed tins are perfect for any occasion—from Christmas and seasonal holidays to weddings and intimate celebrations—and make delightful gifts for loved ones. At the heart of brand’s mission is the firm belief that the everyday experience of drinking tea should feel like a joyful celebration, and should be shared with friends and family.

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