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BabyWorld PH

BabyWorldPH is widely known for its competently-priced quality products. As a locally grown company, it strives to provide the best infant-care products for Filipino families. It has its own manufacturing plants abroad and numerous supplier-partners worldwide. Partnering with interior designers, BabyWorldPH is mostly known for its playmats as it positions itself to be a premium nursery essentials provider. The company's mission is to be the best one-stop infant-care brand as it strives to develop new products. Shop BabyWorld PH, now at BeautyMNL.
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Cotsheet 45x60cm (132)
Wash Cloth 8's (6036)
BW Powder Case (402C)
1st Choice Bottle & Nipple Brush with Suction Stand (1st00209)
Feeding Bottle Wideneck 9oz (1153)
Crib Net w/ Zip Opening (BW1818)
BW Anti-Colic Teats 3 pcs (17)
BW Feeding Bottle 4oz Round 3's (017-3)
FC Cutlery Set (1ST009)
BW Peristaltic Teats 3pcs (16)
BW Feeding Bottle 8oz Round 3's (107-3)
1st Choice Bottle Brush (1ST00214)
BW Feeding Bottle 4oz Shaped 3's (018-3)
1st Choice Milk Powder Container (1ST00911-4)
Mosquito Crib Net (BW1817)
Bottle & Nipple Brush (9153)
Bottle & Nipple Brush (9154)
BW Cotsheet 60x90cm (133)
Milk Powder Revolving (112R)
Cotsheet 45x30cm (128)
BW Feeding Bottle w/ Handle Grip 9oz (176)
BW Feeding Bottle 4oz Round (017)
FC Silicone Spoon (1ST0055)
BW Anti-Colic Wideneck Teats 2pcs (205)
BW Preemie Nipple (12)
Navi Pacifier (N0001)
BW Pacifier (203)
Birdseye Diaper 27x27 12's (1439B)
Cotsheet 40x55cm (131)
BW Finger Toothbrush (120R)