What if you could wake up with naturally gorgeous skin everyday? That’’s the idea behind the Doctor Babor Derma Cellular cosmeceutical line of products: to provide effective skincare solutions using natural ingredients and the latest medical findings designed to keep your skin in its best possible shape. Hailing from the world-renowned German luxury cosmetics brand BABOR Cosmetics, Doctor Babor is considered a pioneer in the global beauty industry.

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Babor is a German cosmetics company founded by chemist Michael Babor in 1956. It specializes in natural and luxury cosmetics aimed at helping its customers achieve long-lasting, healthy skin. Its patented active ingredient, Babor HY-Oil, is a water-oil emulsion that’s used as the basis of its cosmetic products. These include products for skin, face, body, hand and foot care. The brand also produces cosmeceuticals, fragrances, men’s care, sun care and cosmetic products.

The company works together with beauty professionals to provide solutions to skin problems and beauty requirements. Babor’s collaborative teams—composed of dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists, physicians, and even diabetologists—work in tandem with renowned universities and other leading research institutes. This interdisciplinary cooperation fuels breakthrough research results, making Babor products incomparably effective.

But it doesn’t end there, as treating nature and its valuable active ingredients with respect is a central aspect of the company’s work. Babor’s research puts its trust in natural plant extracts and evaluates their efficacy in dermatological tests. These are produced in line with the highest pharmaceutical standards.

Babor has also been against animal testing ever since it was first founded. Its high standards and strict quality controls—whether it’s for the ingredients used in production or the products themselves—guarantee their products a very high degree of safety and quality.

A total of 400 experts are working towards the realization of these ideals at the company headquarters in Aachen, with an additional 500 employees working across the globe. The company is represented by distributors in over 70 countries across the world and manages subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. Regular training sessions and intensive consultations at the Babor Training Centre also guarantee that only high-quality products are utilized in the best possible way worldwide.

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