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The lifestyle limb of renowned local handbag label ARANÁZ, Aranáz Tú offers specialty gifts and pretty little luxuries infused with Filipino culture. The wordplay in the name is two-fold: tú means “you” in Spanish, but can also refer to ARANÁZ Part Two, the continuation of the Aranáz legacy. With plans to introduce more home, lifestyle, and travel products, this purveyor of whimsy goes way beyond fashion. It’s your life, made a little lovelier.

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Aranáz is a proudly Filipino fashion accessories label that combines local craftsmanship with modern style. The brand was founded by the family of Becky Aranáz in 1999, quickly becoming the talk of the town among Manila’s exclusive weekend bazaar circle. It has since developed into a leading homegrown handbag brand, pushing indigenous artisan crafts into the realm of cool.

All collections are made with a hint of the artisanship of local cultures, bringing Filipino tradition closer to today’s women. This drive to “de-ethnicize the ethnic” results in a polished, signature look that succeeds in bringing time-honored Filipino crafts into modern-day relevance.

As the company’s lifestyle-oriented brand, Aranáz Tú infuses the same locally-inspired chic of the main brand into specialty gifts and pretty little luxuries that continue to put Filipino culture at the forefront. Spearheaded by the next generation of the Aranáz family, the brand sprinkles more playfulness into the company’s established formula. The name itself features a two-fold wordplay, with “Tú” being the Spanish word for “you,” while also being a homonym for the English word “two”—making the new venture a sequel of sorts as “Aranáz Two.” This can also be taken as the company’s desire to take their legacy into a novel and exciting, but still somewhat familiar, path.

The product line-up consists of various home décor and travel products that are imbued with the same indigenous influences. These “design-led specialty items” take the brand beyond fashion, offering quirky and whimsical decorations that work well for both homes and working spaces. All designs also strive for optimal functionality, on top of their original and imaginative designs—for products that look good and work even better.

With plans to introduce ceramics, leather accessories, fabric, and even wallpaper, Aranáz Tú goes way beyond fashion. Select items are now available online through BeautyMNL. Check out what we have in store!