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Harnessing the miraculous power of Lime Pearl Extract, Thai beauty brand Amitty offers safe yet effective skincare that delivers results similar to dermatological laser treatment. This wonder ingredient works to combat common complexion problems as it smoothens and brightens skin—and has shown immediate results right after the first use! Instantly improve skin health and prime your complexion for a flawless makeup look with Amitty.

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About Amitty

As our skin incurs damage from many different factors such as poor eating and sleeping habits, stress, and pollution, we become susceptible to unwanted scars and marks that are difficult to treat and eliminate. If only there was a product that could help us speed up the correction of blemishes and dark spots found on our face! Thankfully, Thai beauty brand Amitty is here to save us from the long hours of doing our makeup just to hide and conceal those stubborn marks.

If you’re one who suffers from troubled and blemished skin, Amitty’s bestselling Lime Pearl Skin Booster will help you regain glowing skin just within a few weeks of use. Its star ingredient, the Lime Pearl Extract, is known as the new AHA mainly for its ability to gently exfoliate the outer portion of the skin and prevent inflammation from occurring deep within. Combined with soy protein extracts and Cucumis Sativus fruit extracts, the Lime Pearl Skin Booster works like a laser treatment that brings out the healthy cells found under the skin. With Amitty, you can finally say goodbye to those unwanted marks and say hello to a healthy and glowing you!

If you’re having a hard time finding Amitty products in pharmacies and drugstores, look no further because BeautyMNL is here to save your day. Simply look for your product of choice, check out, and wait for our friendly representatives to deliver your goods right at your doorstep!

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