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AMAMI is a social enterprise that celebrates centuries-old jewelry traditions of the Philippines while empowering and providing sustainable livelihood for local artisans. Bringing you the best of Filipino craftsmanship, AMAMI creations are an exemplar of the art of filigree - an indigenous technique where fine metal threads are expertly twisted and molded to form beautiful, intricate designs. AMAMI is proud to share with you an age-old craft that is uniquely Filipino - lovingly handmade by artisans who spend countless hours creating each wearable art piece.
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Aira Creolla Beaded Earrings in Gold
Cross Pendant Necklace in Gold
Claudia Creolla Earrings
Amami Tamburin Necklace in Large
Loida Creolla Earrings
₱3,410.00 ₱3,800.00
Sampalok Ear Crawlers
₱3,275.00 ₱3,650.00
Cecilia Ear Cuffs
Padumna Tamburin Necklace in Gold
₱2,690.00 ₱3,000.00
Padumna Tamburin Necklace in Silver
₱2,690.00 ₱3,000.00
Dionne Double Disc Drop
Butete Tamburin Necklace in Gold
Estela Rosita Gold Earrings in Large
Fatima Creolla Earrings
₱4,940.00 ₱5,500.00
Felicia Creolla Earrings in Silver
₱4,481.00 ₱4,990.00
Estela Rosita Silver Earrings (Large)
Lexy Creolla Earrings in Gold
₱5,840.00 ₱6,500.00
Dionne Mini Filigree Disc Charm Choker Necklace
Dionne Disc Stud Earrings
₱2,600.00 ₱2,900.00
Cross Pendant Necklace in Silver
Dionne Filigree Disc Bracelet
Amami Tamburin Necklace (Mini)
Spiral Hoops in Silver
₱3,320.00 ₱3,700.00
Twisted Hoops in Gold
Dionne Triple Filigree Disc Drop Earrings
₱3,140.00 ₱3,500.00
Spiral Hoops in Gold
₱3,320.00 ₱3,700.00
Leona Creolla Earrings
₱6,560.00 ₱7,300.00
Dionne Filigree 4-Disc Drop Earrings
Dionne Filigree Disc Necklace
Twisted Hoops in Silver
Aira Creolla Floral Earrings in Gold