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Allena Healthy aims to refine what beauty is, focusing on delivering the best possible products in terms of both quality and effectivity. Additionally, they formulated a “Frosta Technology” specifically to suit Asian skin. With the help of Allena Healthy, now you can achieve whiter, smoother, more beautiful skin naturally.

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About Allena Healthy

Embarking on a journey to produce a skin-transforming product that does not require surgery, risk, or downtime, Thailand-based Allena Healthy Co. Ltd. created premium glutathione supplements and powdered drinks GlutaFrosta, GlutaFrosta Plus, and Gluta Colla Frosta. As a leader in innovation, the company has always sought out to provide high-quality products that contain only the best ingredients sourced internationally. Its main goal is to boost the overall health of the body and immune system while nourishing the skin.

The potent glutathione content allows the skin to shine through, lending it a glow that’s complemented by crystal clear, smooth skin. Aside from this, they also soothe inflammation, declog the skin, prevent face and back acne, and protect against sun and smog exposure. GlutaFrosta and GlutaFrosta Plus can also fade freckles, dark spots, and red spots while minimizing wrinkles and pores. Additionally, its supercharged effects allow the skin to maintain its moisture levels, improving elasticity and bounciness of skin, and soothing redness. All these effects are credited to the ultra-affordable, wallet-friendly supplements which come in boxes of 30 capsules. Meanwhile, for customers who would rather ingest the supplement in liquid form, Gluta Colla Frosta is your best bet. The beautifying powder can be mixed in with your favorite drink to get the same anti-aging properties. It also has the additional benefits of strengthening your nails and hair as they grow. It’s an easy, convenient, and affordable way to consume skin-enhancing collagen and glutathione.

Boost your glow with Allena Healthy’s natural whitening and dietary supplements. If you’re having a difficult time finding them on the shelves of your favorite groceries and malls, shop them online on BeautyMNL and get free shipping in the Philippines with orders of P1,500 and up.

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