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All-Belle is an eyelash manufacturer that provides high quality false eyelashes made in Taiwan. These popular falsies pass a number of stringent inspections by the SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. All-Belle lashes are composed of anti-bacterial Oxy-Fiber, which is then sterilized by medical-grade Gamma rays so you’re guaranteed sanitized, hygienic, world-class quality lashes that are easy to apply and ultra soft.

About All-Belle Lashes

“One thing that turns many people off from false eyelashes is the potential for irritation that can occur when using falsies made with older technology. Taiwan-based All-Belle sets itself apart from other false eyelash manufactures not only with their incredibly high-quality assurance standards but also with their use of Oxy-Fiber material in their lashes. Oxy-Fiber is an ultra-soft synthetic material with anti-bacterial qualities, perfect for falsies that don’t irritate your eyes.

All-Belle has a number of different eyelash styles that run the gamut from the natural to the dramatic. All lashes are sterilized with medical-grade processes to give you a hygienic product, right out of the box.

BeautyMNL has a range of falsies from All-Belle as well as other international and local brands. You’re sure to find the lashes that will fit the look you want. Best of all, you can have your falsies shipped straight to wherever you are in the Philippines. With a selection of payment methods, promos, and discounts, there’s no reason to get your eyelashes anywhere else.

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