Bid adieu to blemish-ridden legs with AirStocking! The brand offers natural-looking leg makeup in a variety of shades and finishes to accommodate your unique skin tone. Get the secret to shiny, flawlessly-gorgeous gams with a can of this amazing product.


AirStocking is a groundbreaking spray-on cosmetic made by Nissin Medico, Co. that’s designed to give women instantly flawless legs. Originally developed as an alternative to traditional nylon stockings, it was described by one beauty editor as “the most remarkable invention since lipstick.” Unlike normal stockings, this spray-on silk cosmetic has the benefit of better comfort, zero constriction, and no worries of snagging.

Originally invented by Yoshiumi Hanada, the AirStocking was the product of a co-worker’s complaint about having to wear stockings in the summer heat. Further innovations have enabled scientists to devise a unique silk-based formulation. Due to its natural key ingredients, AirStocking doesn’t stain, smell, streak, or irritate, helping you attain their famed “Flawless Silk Legs.” The formulation is also fragrance, paraben, and wax-free to minimize irritation when applied to sensitive skin. This intelligent solution provides extra protection for your skin against UV radiation, while still leaving your skin room to breathe. It is also waterproof and sweat-proof, making it a perfect product for women living in the heat of the tropics.

To satisfy different customer preferences, AirStocking is now available in multiple shades, the most famous of which are natural, terracotta, and coco. Natural tone is closest to the user’s natural skin color, while terracotta gives a slightly-darker-than-natural tone. Meanwhile, coco provides an instant, golden, sun-kissed tan. What’s more, different amounts of application allow women more latitude to attain their preferred look or simply match their natural skin.  

Aside from letting women highlighting their legs, AirStocking’s spray-on application can also be applied to the rest of the body. Use it on your shoulders or on your back to achieve a smooth and silky look when wearing open dresses and tops. With the help of AirStocking, you don’t have to be afraid of blemishes. Get a can now on BeautyMNL!